Golf Membership

$135,000 Refundable Membership Deposit

Payment Option A: $50,000 with Application, 50,000 due five months after application, $35,000 due 10 months after application
Payment Option B: Custom payment plan

The $135,000 Deposit is initially 40% refundable and the refund grows by 2% per year for 30 years.

Junior Membership (Up to Age 39)

$135,000 Refundable Membership Deposit

Payable in 4 installments: $50,000 with Application followed by 3 installments of $28,333 due 6, 18 & 30 months later

100% Refundable after 30 years

For resignations before 30 years, a transfer fee will be deducted of 6% of $135,000 for every year shy of 10 years of membership, plus 2% of $135,000 for every year shy of 30 years of membership but more than 10 years.

Junior Dues are two-thirds of the regular golf membership dues up to and including the age 35.
New members under 40 and over 35 pay junior dues for their first season.


National Membership (Must live and work at least 75 miles from the club)

$35,000 Non-Refundable Initial Membership Fee

Dues are one-third of regular membershp dues
No limit on club access
4 unaccompanied foursomes allowed per year