Social Waiting for Full Golf Membership 

$80,000 Membership Deposit before conversion to Full Golf Membership
This deposit is fully refundable after 30 years as described in the Membership Agreement.

Annual dues are 80% of full dues and are prorated to the day you join.

SWFFG members have full access to all the amenities at the Club except the golf course during the Summer, a personal locker, and golf bag storage.

SWFFG members have full access to the golf course up to and including the Thursday before Memorial
Day and after Labor Day. Tee times can be made 2 days in advance. Between Memorial Day and Labor
Day, SWFFG members and their spouses each can play 6 times. On Tuesdays and
Wednesdays during the Summer SWFFG members can reserve tee times 2 days in advance and host up
to 3 guests. On the other days of the week SWFFG members must play with a Golf member.

This membership converts to a Golf Membership as soon as one becomes available based on your
position on the waiting list.

Golf Membership (Converted from Social Waiting for Full Golf Membership)

$160,000 fully refundable Membership Deposit (see Social Waiting for Full Golf Membership for rules).

The balance of the Golf Membership deposit is due upon conversion from a Social Waiting for Full Golf Membership.

National Membership (Must live and work at least 75 miles from the club)

$35,000 Non-Refundable Initial Membership Fee

Dues are one-third (1/3) of Golf Membership dues
No limit on club access
4 unaccompanied foursomes allowed per year